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Message from the Dean SoE

As you wander through the website to grasp what is ranked the best university of Nepal, our School of Engineering never fails to reflect the vibrant community as it is. While ‘Quality Education for Leadership’ remains our continual vision, our faculty has been relentless -- not to produce graduates but future leaders in sectors well-planned but rather not executed.

The School of Engineering has been reinforcing the concept of interdisciplinary research between faculties to reach the world-class engineering level. The standards set have differed throughout the years, without causing the underlying concept of engineering to distort. Engineering has always been about advancements and improvements for humans. Therefore, the School has accumulated teachers as well as students who adhere to a rigorous curriculum ahead. We do not seek talented students, but the ones who are dedicated to becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers of the future. Simply, we want to create innovators whom the future awaits.

Offering undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels of study, this School pursues diversity within the Nepalese society to assist learning beyond classrooms. Engineering does not happen in a silo where one discipline is isolated from another. We offer the resources as well as the collaboration nurtured by experts. The work to assimilate in an environment away from the haze has been tireless yet ongoing.

If you are interested in studying with us, in collaboration or consultancy for our extensive expertise, please contact the faculty office. We are here to help!

Dr. Damber Bahadur Nepali