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Environmental Modeling Lab

Kathmandu University, School of Engineering (SOE) has initiated action to work in the area of environmental pollution/climate change modeling using high speed parallel processing computers. Establishment and operation of an Environmental Modeling Lab (EML) is an ongoing process. Additional goal of this Environmental Modeling lab will be to enhance national human resource’s computational skills in the area of grid and distributed computing. SOE has already identified and delegated faculty members who will be working extensively in this area. Interested faculty/staff members within the University who are interested and match the goals of this lab are being identified and will be brought into the team.

Following are the focus areas that this lab will contribute in not only gaining academic/research understanding but also to national development.

Science / Academics/Research

  • Environment: Pollutant sources/sectors/transport pathways into and out of Nepal: Climate change/global warming/health/agriculture/economic impact studies arising from these pollutants. Ambient pollutant measurements and emissions inventory in support of environmental modeling activities.
  • Computation: Environmental data processing using grid and distributed computing, high volume data storage and handling, data visualization, research information dissemination using information technology services (ITS).
  • Engineering and Public Policy.

National Development Projects/Applied innovations

  • Chemical weather forecasts
  • Numerical weather forecasts
  • Capacity building distributed computing and other aforementioned computing areas.
  • Renewable energy environmental variables: such as location identification for installing wind farms etc.
  • Engineering and public policy: “What if” scientific studies to guide policy makers and draft resolutions in the area of environment.